The Dragon Queen's Rage

Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Pt 1
In Mithrendain, council wants to meet with us.

Meeting with council, Saffrenia, needs our help

Caliandra, of the Stagrunners tribe, from glade where Battle of Brindol was
  • Evil is come again to the Elsir Vale where she lives
  • Asking for help, people being kidnapped and taken to the feywild.
  • She’s from same general area as Killiar, he recognizes her
  • Recent kidnappings back in the vale; that’s probably the place to start
  • Teaching us Solace Bole ritual to Ravilak and Rune. Spirits are fickle, don’t allow proper rest if you call too frequently.
Introduces us to the war council at Sayre
  • Githzerai monk/etc. Human is with the party, is actually a Copper dragon. “Coalition of the Vale and its allies.”
  • Amyria, Platinum Deva. Rune, Ravilak, and Killiar are recognized by many in the room.
  • Tribe of cyclops may be conducting the kidnappings
  • Githyanki troops moving across the value quickly, too fast for airships, but not teleporting. * Using portals through the Feydark.
  • Eladrin: Quelenna (part of the council)
  • Cold Acorn, artifact, Seed of Winter, used to belong to Cachlain, one of the fomorian kings of the Feydark
  • Two headed white dragon, island of Nephelus, killed it, took the seed
  • Dissuade Cachlain from aiding Githyanki. He’s in the Feydark. Have to find his court, but not direct via the Feydark
  • Go to vale, find Cyclops, see if we can find Cachlain via that avenue
  • Ravilak takes Seed of Winter. It wants to be returned to “The Winter Court”
    Copper Dragon tells Ravilak it’s distant region of Feywild, run by Lady Inzira, ruler of the Winter Court
  • Slavers in Ruins of Rhest (where we killed the black dragon, in the swamp land, from WAY back)
Ruins of Rest: venturing forth
  • Go to the sewers, under the ruins of Rest.
  • ENCOUNTER: Room: 4 cyclops, giant clubs, nets, spears. Pair of stone golems near entrance. Win.
  • LOOT: bag of gems/gold (26000gp), Flickersight Armor +4, Flask of Sleeping Powder
  • Human prisoners, cut ‘em loose
  • Short rest, then Portal to Feywild
  • Tunnel/cave inside of a grove with tall trees
  • ENCOUNTER: firbolgs, shadow snakes, and heard the voice of the Skyshaper, Arch Fey. Win.

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