Campaign Summary

Part I: The Red Hand of Doom

Some years ago, a band of adventurers set out for the Elsir Vale in search of treasure; when they arrived, however, they got a lot more than they bargained for, as they bore witness to the impending arrival of the hobgoblin hordes of the Red Hand, led by High Wyrmlord Azarr Kul, half-blue dragon hobgoblin and self-proclaimed “Son of the Dragon”. The heroes quickly took to action, gathering information and interrogating various members of the Red Hand as they could be found, ultimately leading to the discovery that this vast army is in the service of Tiamat, the Dragon Queen.

These actions were not without their losses though, as the might of the Red Hand pressed east across the Vale and destroyed much of the inhabitants’ peaceful existence there. One by one, the towns of the Vale fell to the march of the Red Hand; first Drellin’s Ferry, then Terrelton, Nimon’s Gap, and Talar. Were it not for the support of the heroes, and their sabotage of the Red Hand’s advance, many more innocent lives surely would have been lost; still, the armies marched ever onward, only a few steps behind the fleeing citizens of the Vale.

40 days after the heroes arrived in the Vale, the Red Hand came upon the city of Brindol. As the hordes gathered their forces, so too did the heroes seek allies to defend one of the last bastions of hope in the Vale; they were able to find aid in the local tribe of wild elves, the Tiri Kitor, and subsequently managed to destroy two of the Red Hand’s major allies, a lich druid known as The Ghostlord and a tribe of lizardfolk residing in the ruined town of Rhest. These combined efforts contributed greatly to the success of The Battle of Brindol, with the combined force of the city and its nearby allies able to dismantle the attack without significant loss to the city or its people.

With the bulk of the Red Hand dead, captured, or fleeing from this conflict, the heroes set out at the behest of Brindol’s leaders for the west to confront the High Wyrmlord at his residence within the Fane of Tiamat; it had been discovered that Azarr Kul was preparing a lengthy ritual to summon an even greater army of infernal beings from Tiamat’s Inner Court to eradicate the Vale and then the rest of the Material Plane. The heroes confronted many horrifying visages within the Fane, ultimately coming face to face with Azarr Kul himself, and ending victorious; but despite their combined might, the heroes proved to be no match for what followed, as Tiamat bore an Aspect of her rage upon them, forcing them to flee. Having destroyed Azarr Kul, the immediate threat had been neutralized; but the danger of the Aspect remained, casting an ominous shadow over the citizens of the Vale…

Campaign Summary

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