Warforged Wizard


Rune, a warforged wizard who fought at the Battle of Brelan during the War of the Five Kingdoms alongside Kron, a fellow warforged, was found deactivated by Ravilak, an artificier looking for any warforged that could still be salvaged or brought back to the living.

Since that time he has been saddled with the piousness of the Silver Flame (though Rhomus has been decent to fight alongside), the whininess of small kobolds, and the pyromaniac tendencies of Ravilak. Having no time or inclination to waste his time in belief of things he cannot tangibly ascertain, he rather delves into studies of magic, lore, history, and any other subject that will advance him along the path to having greater mastery of his magical and actual world.

Most times while party members are socializing, partying, and generally making asses of themselves, Rune can be found in the libraries of the greatest mages of the time, working on ways to save the ungrateful wretches from the clutches they often find themselves in. And he makes sure those around him, especially Sirlanton with the Silver flame, is well aware of how he feels about the whole thing.


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